There are many agencies that do not value your privacy & security enough to pay for it. The old adage 'you only get what you pay for' could not be truer in the age of technology.  We care about your security enough to pay for it. We have done a lot of research and use one of the most secure internationally recognised platforms available.



  • We only need 2 pieces of information to provide you with a newsletter & to do this we need your name and email.
  • Unlike many newsletter lists, we do not require you to disclose additional personal information (such as your date of birth, gender, address etc). We want to keep this simple and transparent.
  • Why do we need your name?  Your email server is an advanced mechanism that is designed to keep you from harm, your name helps emails give a secret handshake so that the emails don't 'bounce' (which means they never get delivered, even if you want them, they don't even make it to your junk email). We get asked this question a lot, so if we could, we would be happy with just your email address. At the moment we collect the absolute minimum information for successful email delivery.



We go beyond our commitment to adhere to international anti-spam compliance & requirements because we feel we have an ethical responsibility to our clients. 

We really personally dislike spam as well, therefore:

  • We do not participate in list buying! Commercial real estate is a very specific field & confusion at dinner-parties would suggest most people would not appreciate the value of our newsletter.
  • We provide an unsubscribe link on all correspondence. Real estate is a transient industry, its okay to fluctuate in your interest and we definitely don't take offense.
  • If you unsubscribe we cannot resubscribe you manually with the same email address - you are the only person who can resubscribe
  • We never bulk upload our contacts! We are always asking our clients if they want to 'opt-in' to our newsletter service, we do not assume you get excited about real estate as much as we do. You always have the option of 'opting-out'/unsubscribing (which is a rare and beautiful thing)
  • We include our full contact information on all correspondence, so you know we are real people, in a real office, in Strathpine, in Brisbane
  • We comply with applicable international laws and standards when storing your information in servers in outside Australia (and particularly in the us)



  • For the purposes of our newsletter your email address and name are held in servers that are: SOC II compliant, PCI DSS certified, annually certified against EU/US & SWISS SAFE harbor frameworks...
  • We do all our marketing in-house, therefore there is no unknown external party handling your information (see we think of these things, so you don’t have to).
  • Only one Brendale Commercial employee deals with the newsletter, so there is a minimised chance of data leakage (she researches and actually reads anti-spam legislation)

  ... There is more, actually much more to say about anti-spam legislation...

...that covers enough of the basic points to prove we are a responsible business with your personal information. If you ever have concerns or questions please email them to:


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